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Welcome to Cattlexpressions

Cattlexpressions is a select network of dedicated individuals committed to accurately practicing, promoting and teaching animal handling principles and techniques in a manner articulated through the teachings of Bud Williams. These principles and techniques are unique in their effectiveness and ability to improve efficient and safe animal handling, increase animal performance and welfare, and quality of life.

Cattlexpressions coordinates a team of professional cattle handlers to provide consulting, training and educational services in all aspects of proper cattle handling. These individuals are subject experts and professionals accomplished in implementing and teaching Bud Williams’ low-stress principles and techniques.

Cattlexpressions provides consultation, training and education in the following areas:

  • Cattle handling facilities – system design and use
  • Feedlot cattle handling – receiving through finish
  • Ranch cattle handling – birth through shipping
  • Stocker operation cattle handling – receiving through shipping

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